August 04, 2020

Girls Impact The World Film Festival 2013

The Journey

Aspire Awards Contest

The following CNET students participated in the Aspire Awards contest:

Graphic Design Section

Alexandru Țîrcă

Amelia Munteanu

Gheorghe Popescu

Aspire Awards finalist

Instead of being a bystander in this world, do something about it! This poster urges the greater community to be active in saving this planet. Join in and educate yourself about how you can do your part in conserving and leaving a cleaner footprint.

Alexandra Runceanu

Iulia Răscol

Film Section

No More Violence Against Women

A powerful message is sent through this video to show audiences worldwide the pain many abused women face on a daily basis. It is wrong to mentally, verbally, or physically abuse anyone. Through this project, the hope is that people will be able to recognize when women are put through abuse and to stop it.

The Youngsters' Trap

Even in Romania legislation allows the trade and the consumptions of ethnobotanicals, it overlooks their side effects. Ethnobotanicals cost money and life is priceless. This message is meant as a warning for those who had taken up smoking ethnobotanicals by the time the law changed, but also for those under its influence.



Artists: Zamfira Andrei, Runceanu Alexandra, Bodescu Bogdan, Țîrcă Alexandru, Tomoescu Laura, Militaru Miruna, Stochița Bianca, Răscol Iulia, Năstase Bianca, Runceanu Mihaela, Manciu Ionela

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